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Anthony Carlson

"In the fight I remain"
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Anthony Carlson

Lead Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America


I am a Lead Application Developer with Farm Credit Services of America. My software journey has been through various forms of service-oriented architecture for client and web applications. I was on the first team at Farm Credit Services to use an agile methodology for software development; I have helped champion practices such as test-driven development and service-level testing. Currently, I am part of the mobile development team where the focus is on the iOS, Android, and responsive platforms.


Lead Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America

August 2014 - Present (2 years 8 months)

The Lead Application Developer on the mobile development team where the focus is on the iOS, Android

and responsive platforms.

Application Developer at Farm Credit Services of America

May 2000 - August 2014 (14 years 4 months)

On the first team at Farm Credit Services to use an agile methodology for software development, helped champion practices such as test-driven development and service-level testing.  Developed a breadth of domain knowledge working on various systems built internally.

Cross Functional Teams

2016 Stark Tank

Member of the first place team in the 2016 Stark Tank innovation idea. Provided leadership to the team in communicating the merits of taking a certain courses of action.

·        Focus on enhanced customer experience

  • Improve customer loyalty

  • Set us apart in the market


Was part of the 2014 & 2015 Employee Activity Committee.  Helped champion activities for Omaha employees to participate in, as well as help with community activities and fundraisers.


  • FCSAmerica Got Talent

  • EAC Announcements

  • Halloween

Intern Program

2014 Intern Team Director

Lead the process of Expanding Applications Development’s current intern opportunities from one intern on a team to a team of interns and full time employees.

Championed a creative and experiential interview process. Provided outside leadership to the Intern Team on the day-to-day operations, project management and everything in between.

2015 & 2016 Intern Team Leader

Lead the 201 & 2016 Intern Teams in a highly team-oriented and leadership-focused environment. 2015 champion an idea of a excel document to a modern application using business Intelligence data.

2016 took a business idea that no one knew was even possible in terms of practicality and time. Used an emerging technology to prove out the concept and delivered a working system.

Provided Budgeting, project transparency and created a vibrant team culture.


2010 to present

Worked to promote FCSAmerica and Frontier Farm Credit as employer of choice by participating in career fairs, student events as well as other campus activities. I have built a positive relationship with the University Nebraska Omaha career services for talent recruitment.


  • Technology Works Here

  • Career Talks

  • UNO MISSO Group

Skills & Expertise

Agile Methodologies








University of Nebraska at Omaha

Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Computer Science, 2002 - 2009

Peru State College

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Mathematics and Computer Science, 1995 - 2000

Activities and Societies: 1997 NAIA Academic All-American


MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer
Microsoft License a681-1681 February 2009


ISQA 8210 Managing Software Development

December 6, 2016

Author: Anthony Carlson

Talked to graduate level Project Management students about Agile practices that are unique to the team I work on at FCSAmerica.

Software Quality, What Does That Mean?

Management Information Systems Student Organization October 21, 2016

Author: Anthony Carlson

Anthony's talk is titled "Software Quality, What Does That Mean?" Both in education and in professional

software development, we are often told that quality is a key component of software. But what does that

actually mean? Does quality mean better, more reliable software? When you create software, how do you

know you have done enough to ensure quality? How do you get done with Quality? How do you meet the

goal of quality? In this lively MISSO Session, Anthony will start the discussion with these questions. He will

then share why quality matters, its importance, and the steps to get there.

Customers, UX and the Development Process

Heartland Developers Conference September 11, 2015

Authors: Anthony Carlson, Tamara Sutton

What problem are we trying to solve for our customers? How do I include UX in my development process?

How do we know if our design efforts are on the right track to satisfy the user experience? Finding the

answers to these questions doesn’t need to be scary, your users want to tell you everything you need to know

to be successful. Tamara Sutton, UX Designer & Anthony Carlson Lead Developer explain how to build UX

processes into your development lifecycle. Learn real world examples on how to effectively engage your

customers and development team with UX basics, when to apply them and how to plan for them.


Infotec 2015

Authors: Anthony Carlson, Maude Moreno

Building Upon Existing Infrastructure for Mobile Applications

Infotec 2015

Author: Anthony Carlson

Building on Existing Infrastructure for Mobile Applications


Authors: Anthony Carlson

In 2013 Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica) wanted to enter the mobile application arena so their

customers could manage their FCSAmerica lending accounts. Anthony Carlson explains that in the previous

thirteen years, FCSAmerica had built an SOA infrastructure for internal applications, including services

for customer authentication, lending accounts, and remote check depositing. However, mobility had not

been considered when the services were created, and these services were internally protected by a firewall

inside their DMZ. If your company has concerns of exposing services to a mobile app, yet wants to reuse

what already exists in the enterprise, then the concept of designing services through an API Gateway may be

your answer. API Gateways are part of an API Management solution to deal with issues of integration and

security. Anthony shares the benefits, challenges, and results of designing a system with an API Management

solution to expose services to a mobile application.

Enterprise Mobility Testing Strategies

Unicom Next Generation Testing September 17, 2015

Author: Anthony Carlson

What should we be testing in Mobile Applications? There are trade-offs regarding the mix of different techniques and methods that will be used in mobile app testing. Each testing method you consider will have pros and cons. More than likely there is not a single testing methodology that is completely satisfying. In this session, lead developer Anthony Carlson, will guide you through FCSAmerica development team’s Enterprise mobility testing strategy. The strategy combines different levels of testing, techniques and tools used throughout development to realize the team’s goal of quality software, as well as a great mobile experience to their customers.

Mobile Development at Farm Credit Services of America

Management Information Systems Student Organization November 14, 2014

Author: Anthony Carlson

In this meeting, Anthony Carlson will show you how Farm Credit Services of America used its existing infrastructure to create software that users want. It just happens, right now, the software users want a mobile application.

From Visual Studio To Android Studio

Omaha Mobile Group October 2, 2013

Author: Anthony Carlson

Our speaker this month is Anthony Carlson, an Applications Developer at Farm Credit Services of America. He's going to try a Lean Coffee ( approach to his presentation... "From Visual Studio To Android Studio".


Program Lead

2005 to Present

I am a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) under Rodrigo Vaghi and a Brown belt in Judo under Sensei Mike Penny. I was one of the most active and decorated BJJ competitors in the Midwest having medaled at both the Pan Ams and World Games as well as various NAGA, IBJJF, and Grapplers Quest events. Perhaps most impressive of all, I am a stroke survivor who has experienced most of my competitive success post recovery.